Legal Malpractice Insurance

Liability insurance, known also as legal malpractice insurance is available for an attorney and lawyer who need to be protected in the case of an malpractice lawsuit. In the case of negligence, wrongful act, a client can sue for damages incurred by the lawyer or attorney. The malpractice insurance is going to protect the lawyer with monetary insurance however, it will not protect them in the case where the lawyer is damaged by their reputation being smashed. In a quarter of all cases, personal injury occurs and if you are an attorney, you need to be sure that your comprehensive insurance policies are up to date along with property and general insurance.


There are an variety of scenarios that can be used with legal malpractice in a case. In many cases, the attorney is gone after when a lawyer fails to provide the client with adequate representation and a case is then thrown out of the courts hands. When an attorney fails to meet the time line provided, is unable to secure a witness, and can not provide adequate evidence to prove the clients innocence, the attorney can be named in a lawsuit. When you select a out of court settlement, the client can still be harmed as an civil lawsuit is then able to be pursued.

In the legal malpractice cases, the burden lies on the victim to provide documentation on the financial aspect of the lawsuit. The client is going to have to show proof of the client and lawyer relationship with the damages that were incurred from the lawyers behavior. When each of these items is proven in court, the judge can issue an judgment against an attorney or lawyer. This can damage your personal assets as well as your business aspects.

When you have lawyers and attorneys practicing any form of law, you are not going to be required to hold onto legal malpractice insurance instead you will want to do so to make sure that you are protected financially in the case of an lawsuit. In the case that a lawsuit is files, your insurance company will go through all the proper channels to offer a settlement since most cases, the judge will issue one regardless. If you are faced with going to court, a attorney will be selected to represent you if you are faced with going to trial. This will help to pay the expenses incurred with being sued by paying the money owed to the victim.

If you find yourself as a legal professional, you will want to make sure that you know what type of legal insurance you will want to have in place. Most studies now show that most cases, 60 percent of them are lawyers who have malpractice insurance which makes you less likely to be vulnerable to any damages stemmed from a lawsuit or claim against your practice.

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