Legal Malpractice Insurance

It is possible to sue a lawyer and no lawyer is immune to an unhappy client that did not feel they received what they paid for. A simple lawsuit can be filed easily by paying the filing fees. It is easy for a person to represent himself or herself without hiring a new attorney. Any attorney that practices law without legal malpractice insurance is at a severe risk for this scenario happening to them. This coverage easily covers the cost of a legal defense and any judgment that is awarded in a lawsuit for liability.


The high cost of legal defense for lawsuits takes both time and money. Most insurance companies that offer legal malpractice insurance have a team of attorneys that can help answer question in an expert manner about the coverage types and information about coverage. These attorneys will represent the holder of the legal malpractice insurance and are experts in representing these claims for liability.

A civil lawsuit usually involves a filed complaint with a state licensing board for review. Having legal malpractice insurance can easily represent the case on behalf of a litigated attorney and prove more successful due to expert research.

The addition of legal malpractice insurance can provide data statistics to help their attorney clients in developing a safety defense against further litigation brought on by frivolous lawsuits.

Many people think that attorneys can help them achieve a big settlement and when the outcome is unsuccessful, clients may try to sue for malpractice. Protection against these claims is much easier with legal malpractice insurance to protect attorneys against these clients and easily save both time and money against liability lawsuits.

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