Linux Support for Small Businesses: What You Need

Linux has become a great choice for small businesses because of the advantages it gives. Primarily, you will have cost-wise advantages (because it is open source software), good hardware compatibility, freedom in customizing the operating system, get a robust and stable system with good system security.

Although Linux has been a less popular choice as compared to the over commercialized Windows brand, Linux is now getting a hefty share of the market and is making a big impact on small scale businesses. Moving to Linux could be a good choice for growing businesses.

When running Linux servers to serve the back bone of your business, you need a few points to consider. Knowing this stuff may give a boost to your business efficiency and allow faster handling of clients while lowering your costs.

Hardware Adaptability

Old stuff
When you move to Linux or have been using Linux, you should know that you can use each of the old systems that are sitting like trash in your warehouse. You can utilize each one of them to serve one purpose or another. You can try having them as backups, or small servers. Doing this gives you more capability and efficiency or save you a fortune on hardware cost. You could take advantage of this and use them as firewalls or network servers. You can always have someone to do it for you and it’s typically low cost to execute.

Improvements in the system
Linux used to have trouble with defining their drivers for new hardware, but this is no longer the issue today. If your company is focused in staying on top of technology, you might as well have professioal Linux IT consultants to assist you. The vast majority of small businesses can’t keep up with all the technology updates. An outside IT consultant whom has good Linux support and engineers can help you get a better perspective and manage your Linux deployments better while you stay focus in running your business.

A thorough understanding of the Linux system
Since Linux systems are not that familiar to most people, you should get a full grasp of its benefits. Tremendous reading has to be done and you’ll have to get familiar with the interface. No worries though, a lot of detailed tutorials are available and – best of all – free! If you are in a hurry, find someone to do all these IT work for you.

Software needs for your business
Don’t expect Windows software development to be akin to Linux. They are very different. But, developers have been trying to eliminate these problems by mimicking Windows applications. With this, you’ll even save more money. You can always find compatible tools for use in your business. If not, get an expert to do the development or adjustments for you. The technical terminologies and software platforms may trouble you at first, so the best way is to hire someone first. Don’t worry; the cost of hiring a consultant will be negated by the cost you’ll have to pay if you buy commercialized CD editions and service packs.

Linux has made a point of staying in front of the pack in terms of technology through its programmers and development. Having an open-source software gives it a lot of advantages over its competitors. For SMEs, Linux is the way to go, especially if you’re counting every penny you’ve got. Why not find out if Linux is best for you? Give Commgate a call and we’ll give you a free consultation – no strings attached!

CommGate Singapore provides professional enterprise-ready Linux support for your business. Linux web server support for your hosted or office based servers. For any of the above Linux Support packages CommGate offers, there is a possibility to create a Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract if required.

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