Local Mobile Marketing – A New Dimension.

A marketing dimension that has been overlooked quite a bit is the local mobile market. This market exists right in your back yard. Email, websites, blogs, Facebook & Twitter are all multiple ways to get the buzz going about what your business offers, however, how is it that people live right in walking distance to your business, and don’t know it even exists?

Local Mobile Marketing is simply defined as communicating with the local consumer via mobile device (laptop/tablet/cell phone/electronic reader) either to send a simple marketing message, introduce them to a new audience participation-based campaign, or allow them to visit a mobile website.

Think of this concept called narrowcasting. It’s when your target market is located in close proximity, five miles or so, to your business location and you continuously market that area instead of just the whole city. Your target consumer is looking for things and places in their local neighborhood because that’s the area they frequent most. Which explains the growing popularity of such mobile applications like Foursquare, Facebook Places, Yelp, etc. If you want a growing business, you’ll want to capture this consumer because at some point they may become your most loyal customer.

Think of this dimension from your consumers’ perspective. Have you ever been searching on your cell phone for someplace and your search results show the place you were searching for, but in another state? If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Minnesota, it doesn’t help if your mobile search device finds the best Italian place in San Diego. Having your business show up locally on Google is a great place to start. Google Places shows local search results. As benefit for your local consumer, Google Places will search the area around where their mobile device is located at that precise moment. It will also allow them to input a zip code for better targeted search results. Once your business shows up on a potential customer’s mobile phone, you want them to be able to comfortably read it. If you spent the money and took the time to put up a website or blog, you want to make sure it’s readable on a mobile device when searched. Searching on mobile devices are the way more and more people are accessing the internet for find places to frequent in their neighborhoods.

While traditional internet marketing has become a way to bring more consumers to your business, consider the new dimension of local mobile marketing. It won’t be long before a mobile version of your website will be a necessity. Don’t let your small business become the secret in the community.

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