Loja Ecuador Real Estate Expert Tells All

Loja is the capital city of Ecuador’s Loja province. It offers a university and law school, and seems to be home to more than its share of musicians. Yet, it retains a very small town feel, and residents often feel more like they live in the countryside.

Loja is one of Ecuador’s oldest cities, and offers some unbelievable 18th century architecture. The many beautiful churches are certainly well worth a visit. Those who appreciate this architecture will love the idea of buying their new home from one of the Loja real estate listings, because the town has gone to great lengths to ensure that new buildings blend in well with the original architecture.

The climate in Loja is perfect all year round, and the air is some of the cleanest on earth, since Ecuador has far less pollution than most of the world.

Visitors enjoy taking in the many acres of parks in Loja, and those who choose to buy a retirement or vacation home here will find that they never run out of things to do.

It’s easy to retire in Ecuador because the real estate in Loja is priced far below what you would pay for similar properties in the US or Europe. In addition, the overall cost of living is much lower; so most people can live quite well in Loja.

In spite of the fact that Loja is the capital of the province, it’s still a very small town. There are fewer real estate listings in Loja than in many of the other towns in Ecuador. If you’re looking for a home, you may have to spend a little time to find the right property. If, however, you want a piece of property on which to build your own place; you’ll have plenty of lots to choose from.

A licensed real estate agent can help you work through the ins and outs of purchasing real estate in Loja, Ecuador. Though the process is not that different than purchasing property in the states or Europe, you definitely want a professional to help you ensure you get the best deal and that you follow all procedures properly.

Today, Loja is a well-kept secret. But, as Ecuador continues to be one of the premier places to retire and a perfect spot for vacations, you can expect prices to rise and real estate in Loja, Ecuador to become more expensive. The time to buy your perfect piece of real estate in Loja, Ecuador is definitely now.

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