Loreto Mexico Real Estate Secrets Revealed By Taylor White

Loreto Bay is situated right on the waterfront and also has the mountains. Investors can take advantage of the Loreto Mexico real estate listings and enjoy both the mountains and the sea at one site. Tourism is becoming a big industry with special emphasis on the water sports such as fishing, kayaking, speed boats, kayaking and many more. Even though the rentals for vacation is lower than in the rest of Mexico, it is expected to rise, since many investors are interested in purchasing properties in Loreto Mexico. There are certain rules for foreign ownership of real estate listings in Loreto Mexico.

Loreto Mexico is located on the east coast of Baja California in Mexico and is soon becoming a much sought after vacation destination for many Americans and Canadians. Since this place is relatively unknown with the American population, the prices are still lower. What is attracting the vacation seekers and property investors is the fact that it is only a two hour flight from Los Angeles. With sun kissed beaches and tropical weather the year through and affordable prices as of now, it’s perfect for those that wish to purchase property here.

The rise in the prices for the real estate listings in Loreto Mexico is inevitable since the area is still being developed. Moreover the prices are lower in comparison to other areas of Baja California, Mexico and California, USA. Further the price rise is also certain since many retirees, vacationers, investors have invested here for their second homes and pensioners are seeking homes on the beaches.

The prices for the Loreto Mexico real estate listings for homes can range between USD 135,000 to about USD 900,000. These prices are valid for the apartments, condos and the villas. For those that wish to invest in land, the rate for the purchase of properties in Loreto Mexico is USD 200 per square meter and above depending up on the area in Loreto Mexico. The average costs for the construction in the city are around USD 80 per square foot for new constructions. The construction prices for remodeling the existing structures may be higher depending on the layout and the designs.

Loreto has also received USD 200 million for improving the infrastructure in the area. This augurs well for the Loreto Mexico real estate listings since the improved infrastructure will increase the prices for the real estate listings in Loreto Mexico. Loreto bay also has its own airport and is even serviced by the Alaska and Delta airlines. Direct, non-stop flights are available from LAX and Houston as well. This has helped the investors to stay connected with Loreto Bay.

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