Lucid Dreams Are Incredible!

Dreams and their occurrences have always been like a mystery to most until recently when there are proposed theories that explain the actual reason behind them. But in this regard lucid dreaming is a bit different phenomenon since in it we can control our activities and the places we tread or fall upon. In lucid dreaming we know in fact dreaming but still we can deal as if in real life. We can be decisive in it, even say whatever we want to say and do things to control the happenings in the dream.

Lucid dreams can range from a romance, intrigue and even a fantasy. You can have any kind of dream when you are lucid dreaming. And your imagination is the limit to what you experience!

While normal dreams are uncontrollable and completely dependent on the realms of the subconscious, lucid dreams are completely controllable. There are times when lucid dreaming becomes so vivid and so genuine that you may need to even make sure that you are dreaming!

A great way to test the fact is by trying to read something while dreaming. In the dream the words will keep on changing instead of being vivid. This if happens is a sign that the individual is lucidly dreaming.

Lucid dreams can bring your deepest desires to life. What you can’t do in real life you can do it in your dream. If there is someone you fancy and they are unattainable for some reason in real life, you can be with that person in your dream. In your lucid dream that person can be completely yours and even kiss you and be with you.

As soon as you realize you are dreaming start to change it, so that what you want to happen does. For example, imagine you are with the person you have been fantasying about, but now that person returns your smile, you get closer and soon touch. Just use your imagination to control your dream.

Lucid dreams can be brought about by simple techniques. While your body rests and relaxes for another day.

Your mind however is able to remain conscious while the rest of your body is sleeping.

There are practices that will ultimately help us to learn lucid dreaming. This learning may take a good amount of learning and will ultimately help us to be an expert in lucid dreaming.

Practice recalling what happened in your dreams and writing it down as soon as you awake, which makes it easier to remember.

Initially you may not be able to recall everything. However, you don’t need to dwell on that. With practice your dream will repeat itself and that will enable you to completely record it. This method will help you to record all your lucid dreams and compile a manual which can be referred to when you want.

Lucid dreams are quite beneficial for writers since they can create plots, settings, and characters and even determine the end of the story. Lucid dreams can satisfy our dormant desires while at the same time help us to realize them in real life.

You can sometimes continue the dream where you left off, if you wake up, recall everything you can about your dream, and go back to sleep. Lucid dreams have been found to have a pattern, so chances are you will be able to recall more each time as it reaches a conclusion to your liking.

Many a times we may feel after we are awake suddenly that we were only thinking about something and were not asleep. But in reality we were lucid dreaming.

With practice it will become easier each passing day. Self hypnosis is also a great way to enhance your lucid dreaming experience.

The latest invention in sound technology is known as the binaural beats which are special frequencies. These can work at increasing the coordination between the two hemispheres and cause your brainwaves to match the frequency required for lucid dreaming. This is a great shortcut to enter the state of lucid dreams.

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