Mafia Wars Loot for sale

Facebook has quickly become the number one social media platform on the Web, with more than 500 million active users and a new movie being released, it’s definitely here to stay. One of the biggest attractions on Facebook (besides keeping in touch with friends and family) is the incredibly addictive Mafia Wars game.

Mafia Wars

The game ‘Mafia Wars’ is a multiplayer game played in your browser – as of August, 2010, the game on Facebook has over 45 million active accounts, proving its popularity. Below is a simple description of the game and how to play it:

The game is set in New York City and Little Italy, but you can travel between Cuba, Moscow, Las Vegas, New York, Italy and Brazil. The main target for a player on Mafia Wars is to complete jobs to earn as much cash and experience as possible – the more you have, the better you will be compared to your friends! Through having friends on Facebook that play the game too, you’ll be able to ‘recruit’ them to your mafia, enabling you to fight against others on Facebook.

The concept of Mafia Wars revolves around timers: to make the game as realistic, and as hard as possible players only have a certain amount of energy to complete jobs and have fights. Through gaining more experience and completing jobs you can increase your level, and through fighting other plays you can steal cash and equipment.

Mafia Wars Loot Items

One of the most exciting aspects to Mafia Wars is the chance to loot items. Looted items are special in the sense that you can only get them for doing particular jobs, so can be quite rare and difficult to attain. However, there are one or two websites where you can purchase Mafia Wars loot items for (real) money, thus giving you an advantage in the game. The great thing about looted items is that they require no upkeep, so will not be damaged or require any form of reloading like the items you buy in the shop. Ensure you do your research and find a Mafia Wars Loot Items store that can provide you with everything you need within 24 hours.

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