Merida Mexico Real Estate Insiders Report By Taylor White

The Merida Mexico real estate listings are becoming extremely popular with the investors especially those in the neighborhoods and that have colonial buildings. Merida is a city that is located in the Yucatan peninsula and has a rich colonial history that is reflected in the buildings. It is also the state and regional capital. Merida is known as the “White City” since most of the old buildings were painted white in color. Merida has a tropical wet and a dry climate and is situated at 30 meters above the sea level.

For those that are interested in purchasing residential or commercial Merida Mexico property listings, the rates are still quite reasonable. The starting points for the beach condos, Centro apartments, golf or the tennis apartments that are given in the Merida Mexico real estate listings are around USD 100,000 – 200,000 depending on the area of the apartments. Both foreign and local investors are extremely interested in the real estate listings in Merida Mexico.

Foreign investors are more interested in the colonial buildings that are also among the Merida Mexico real estate listings. Most foreign investors are interested in purchasing the beautiful colonial structures that can cost as little as USD 100,000. These Merida Mexico property listings are then restructured at a very low price. Since these properties are available quite easily, they have become major properties in Merida Mexico at a reasonable cost.

Prime land especially in the more affluent northern areas is appreciating at about 20% Y-O-Y and in many cases the value for these properties in Merida Mexico has also doubled. The southern side of the city also known as the downtown is not as affluent and is more populated than the northern areas. Investors that are looking at industrial Merida Mexico real estate listings purchase would need to spend USD 0.66 per square foot. This rate is applicable for the land that doesn’t have access to any infrastructural services. The rate for Merida Mexico real estate listings for a private industrial park that has all the infrastructural services is around USD 2 per square foot.

Non-Mexicans can’t purchase properties in Merida Mexico directly. As per the policies of Mexican government, foreigners can only own real estate listings in Merida Mexico through bank trusts. Usually this is a safe way of making investments in the Merida Mexico real estate listings.

The rents are still quite low for the Merida Mexico real estate listings as compared with other areas such as Los Cabos at approximately US$ 3770 per square meter. The taxes on the rental income can be treated as business income and this will be taxed progressively. Otherwise non-resident Mexicans may have to pay as much as 25% tax on the gross rental income.

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