Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury—The Most Hilarious Who-Dunit of the Year! by Todd Rutherford

Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury is the newest comedy penned by author/humorist Clive Endive Ogive, IV. The book, a hilarious and insightful glimpse into the extraordinary and unique subcultures of private clubs, will be enjoyed immensely by anyone who has ever laughed at the collective foibles and idiosyncrasies of human nature.

This hilarious tale of intrigue begins to unfold in the dining room of the Old Bunbury Golf Links and Reading Room, where the loyal silk-stocking Club President, Clive, is finishing his customary lunch at the club. When a member of Old Bunbury is found murdered out on the green, Clive and his favorite waitress, Esther, conduct their own investigation in the most hilarious who-dunit of the year!

The author, one of the most notable experts in private club management in the world, uses his vast experience and knowledge of the world of private clubs to create the zaniest characters in the most comical situations. He also gives the reader a closer look at the caring people and enduring friendships that are the foundation of the most venerable private clubs in the country.

“There are many wonderfully smart, caring, dedicated, and funny people who populate the world of private clubs,” Mr. Ogive explains. “Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury takes a very humorous look at many of them.” For anyone who wants to laugh their way through the Christmas holidays, Murder and Mayhem is a must read!

Was it Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick? Or was it a fellow club member brandishing the lethal golf club found at the scene? This outrageous comedy keeps you guessing until the sidesplitting end! For more information about Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury or Mr. Ogive’s first comedy, Private Clubs in America and Around the World, go to

Norm Spitzig, MCM (aka Clive Endive Ogive, IV) is internationally recognized as the “go-to person” in the world of private club management and governance. As such, he is an eloquent and visionary spokesman for the private club industry, both here in the United States and around the globe. His groundbreaking book Perspectives on Club Management – now over 20 years old – continues to inspire and challenge club directors, managers, and students around the world.

Mr. Clive Endive Ogive, IV is available for personal appearances, comments, interviews and, readings. For every book purchased on the author’s website (, the author will donate $1.00 to The Club Foundation (, the only 501(c)(3) charitable organization for the private club industry.

Private Clubs in America and Around the World and Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury are available on the author’s website, and through Dog Ear Publishing (, Baker & Taylor,, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other fine bookstores nationwide.

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