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My kids are really into the odd computer programs and this was one that they really wanted for a Christmas present. We purchased it and I am really glad we did. You can create songs, wave files and sound tracks to use for presentations, slide shows or just to enjoy listening to on your own. The Magix Music Maker is up to version 11 and they just keep improving it. Here are some of the key features that Music Maker has:

Real 5.1 Surround Sound
Mastering Suite
Vocal Tuning
Automatic harmony recognition
Studio reverb effects
and Over 2,500 sounds

We purchased version 8 and they have gone through some changes since that one pretty quickly. We also purchased Magix Sound Pool collection to have a starting library of wave sounds to use in creating music. The sound pool comes with 5000 wave files, 8.5 Gigabytes, of music and some vocals. Mostly it’s small loops of sounds using one or a few instruments that you can add into the Magix Music Maker to create your sound creation.

The Sound Pool contains these collections of music:

70′s Funk
90′s Disco
Dance Electro
Disco House
Drums and Bass
Easy Listening
Hip Hop
One Shots
Rock Pop
Techno Trance

It also includes a sample demo created from each of these collections to show what you can do with the Sound Pool and Music Maker. There are several collections with varying types and sizes of sound files that you can purchase.

That catchy ring tone with the silly looking alien is not the only music creation you can make. You can create some really good waves files to add to presentations, slide shows and just about anything you want to add wave files to. The Magix Music Maker comes with audio codecs, synthesizer, and audio mixer to create music. You can also purchase the versions of Music Maker that creates accompanying visual effects like the ones you see when you use most any wave file players like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Magix Music Maker is easy to use, you basically open it up click and drag tones and waves onto the arranger space. There are eight tracks to place your blocks of sound waves onto and arrange them. When you place block of sound next to each other on the same track they will not overlap each other and when you push them together they will play right after each other. When they are above or below each other they will play over each other and mix sounds to create music.

The Sound Pool, available arrangements you have created and other things like synthesizer styles are available on the lower portion of the arrangement window using the menu tree. When you click on sound tracks once the program plays the soundtrack so you can decide if you want to use it. Clicking on it twice will add it to the arranger and highlight the block of the sound track. You can then grab the track of music and move it up and down on the eight tracks of the arranger or move them forward or backward. Once you have the one track in place you can adjust the various parts of the track.

After that you grab the back end of the block and stretch the block of sound out for the time you want it to play. The arranger area has a bar along the top that shows time duration or beats and measures. I’m not sure exactly what beats and measures is but it’s just easy enough to use the time setting for when you have a presentation that is a certain length of time and create music for it. If your really into music and the beats and measures makes sense to you there are all kinds of other things in Music Maker that is for you as well.

You can use the quick features like grabbing small blocks on the individual tracks of sound to create a fade in or out and change the length of time the fade takes. The center blocks moves up and down to raise and lower the volume of the individual sound tracks. During editing you can raise and lower the total volume that the arrangement plays at as well as the individual tracks and blocks of sound. You can also mute the different tracks so that you can concentrate on the other tracks you are working on.

I have not even used the synthesizer or mixer that much. All of this work using the Music Maker takes time but it is really fun. The mixer can change the decibel levels of each track of the arranger and add effects like reverb or surround sound effects like pan from one speaker to others. The synthesizer changes all kinds of things on your arrangement; tone, bass, treble and even the visuals. The visuals are all kinds of color and visual effects that move according to the sound playing. Some versions of Magix Music Maker will not have the visuals that you can edit using the synthesizer but they all have visuals you can add to your music, we bought the less expensive version with out the visuals editing functions.

Magix Music Maker and Sound Pool collections can be a fun and great way to create sound files, wave files and music for presentation, slide shows, and just for fun. It’s an easy to use music creator and can be as simple as placing tracks of music and exporting into a wave file.

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