My course to achievement

JOB ( Just Over Broke) was not giving us the required income we wanted. You perchance think the same as I do, I am getting paid what the company wants to pay me and not what I am worth. How did we get to this place working out of a cubical or some other place in some concrete casa with some guy we don’t even know telling us what to do. America was built on the blood, sweat and formidable work of the immigrants who built this country. How did we all come to have a JOB? What happed to the drive and the hope and the entrepreneurship that landed with the pilgrim fathers. When immigrants settled here to the US there were no JOB’s because there were little or no employers. People had to get on with it and make a life for themselves. They were the genuine entrepreneurs. Now look at us “Dilberts” sorry Scott Adams. Living the Dilbert lifestyle and hope we have a job next week.

Somebody who is now a friend of mine by the name of Greg Montoya, often repeats the famous quotation.
“A wish changes nothing, a decision changes everything”

The choice was made after listening to Greg Montoya on KFMB 760 San Diego radio station about a year ago and off we went to one of those hotel get togethers. I am the greatest skeptic, being an engineer and always looking for the pitch, trying to dissect or take something apart. But I got on board with this product line way before my wife did. To cut a long story short we started our own enterprise, following the mentorship and the training given by the parent company. We learned the power of leverage, and now a year later we are growing our business even more with the MLSP lead system. What I have ended up doing is helping other people get what they want, and ending up by getting what I want. Proves Zig Ziglar was right after all.

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