My Shopping Genie Review: Is This A Big, Fat Scam?

So. you’re searching to make money on the internet, and you began hearing a little concerning My Shopping Genie. But, is it a scam? Or a real business opportunity?
In this My Shopping Genie review, I’ll cover all points of their company and product to see if this business may help make you money (and save it using their product).

Plus, at the end of this My Shopping Genie Review, I’ll explain to you how to position yourself for prosperity inside their company!

My Shopping Genie originally opened in 2008, and is now open in 16 countries. Their company is based on a network marketing model, and their merchandise has since become one of the more popular in the market.

My Shopping Genie Review: Popular Product

Their product is an online shopping price comparison tool. You can employ it to compare millions of products and services, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars a month, depending on how much you use it.

The app is completely free to download and use, and that makes it a very simple product to market as a dealer.

Since the future of, well, in essence everything is through the internet, price comparison tools are growing in popularity. My Shopping Genie is very simple to use, plus you may grow a business from using it.

My Shopping Genie Review: Lucrative Pay

The great aspect about this compensation design is that you get paid to give out a free, useful product! Every time someone downloads the app from you and uses it, you receive a commission. This is a killer way to recoup your advertising cash immediately!

Furthermore, for every 2 people you sign up to become a distributor, you earn a $100 bonus. Then, of the $29 monthly autoship they pay, you make $10 a month. Also, you get 20% of the commissions for every single app that they distribute.

This compensation design works very well, because the commissions begin to add up very, very fast. Plus, you may make decent cash without recruiting anyone. I myself like that they pay up front bonuses for recruiting, and that gives a large incentive to begin creating your organization really quickly.

Overall, this My Shopping Genie review would confirm that they are most expressly not a scam. In fact, of all the reviews I’ve written, this is one of the top 2-3 business plans and products that I’ve come across, and would seriously endorse it to anyone.

However, simply being a part of this great business does not promise your success. While you can earn a little money distributing the free apps, the real cash is in forming a large, growing organization that can easily earn you tens of thousands of dollars in residual income.

To accomplish this, you first have to join a team that can help you achieve your goals. They should already be having success, and hold consistent trainings in order to help you learn how to do it.

Second, you have to be equipped to get 20-30 new leads every day. By doing this, you’ll be able to recruit a ton of people into your business and take full advantage of the compensation design.

To see how different My Shopping Genie reps are using the net to generate endless leads and recruit at will, visit the resource box below!

Thanks for checking out this My Shopping Genie Review!

Erin wrote this My Shopping Genie Review to show network marketers a great opportunity. To see how Erin has taught hundreds of other My Shopping Genie reps to generate 10-15 times more leads than the average network marketer on the internet, check out Erin Smith’s MLM Secrets now!

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