New Nursing Cover for Fashionable Moms

One of the newest products to hit the market for nursing moms is the DRIA Cover. This versatile cover is made with fashion-forward prints and name brand fabrics, such as Theory and Missoni, which are designed for the fashionable, on-the-go mom.
The DRIA Cover is designed to not only be a nursing cover, but also a car seat cover, stroller cover, and fashion poncho, all rolled into one. Whether or not you are pregnant, nursing, or traveling, the DRIA cover is designed to fit every situation and cover both baby and mom – while keeping you looking stylish.
The DRIA Cover fabrics are designed to stretch over the car seat for keeping baby cool when the sun is out, and the patterns shine through so baby can see the lovely colors and movement of the fabric. It is also great for naps in the car seat. The DRIA Cover fits over any stroller, so baby can be covered and have less stimuli while being pushed in the stroller. This is also a great time for the baby to take a nap and stay cool under the cover.
The biggest reason why the DRIA Cover is amazing for new moms is its ability to cover all of mom during nursing. When used as a draped cover, it is easy to peek in at the nursing baby, and the fabric is stretchy so when the cover is grabbed by baby, it gives, instead of fully exposing the mom. The DRIA Cover also covers the whole backside of mom as well, allowing for full coverage. Most covers that are cotton do not move and look like an apron, whereas the DRIA Cover flows and looks like a fashionable poncho, making life easier while nursing in public and while traveling, while looking fresh and stylish.

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