New York Needs Municipality Insurance

Because local governments have insurance needs that are different from businesses, there is a joint reciprocal system that covers much of the state localities. –municipality insurance New York

It used to be that New York relied on underwriters who were not necessarily tuned in to the special needs of a public entity. This created  a vacuum where, in 1993, a new form of municipal coverage was developed.


Lawsuits involving people getting hurt on public property, law enforcement abuses, and safety issues require a team of experts who have the knowledge and wherewithal to deal with and manoeuver around complex suits and litigations.

The current system unites many townships and localities into a joint public undertaking which acts as a non-profit adivisory committee in addition to the traditional performances of an insurance company.

Some of the issues that municipalities face are the employee human resource needs such as public service benefits, and government building and property coverage needs, are addressed and included in the current form.

Another major hurdle is the shifting state of funds and leadership structure. Having a team of professionals who are capable of navigating these issues, is a tremendous benefit for the State. Forming a joint partnership with other local governments has saved the state localities a considerable amount of money as well as providing the expertise needed for the unique needs exclusive to the public sector.

For the past two decades, this system of municipal coverage has lifted the burden of previous township concerns and limitations. It allows for a vast and extensive policy of related coverage as well as dedicated advocacy that is needed by governing entities.

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