Next Perfect Fashion Purses That Are Hip

The perfect fashion purses for the spring and summer seasons are showing off new eye popping colors. Some of these include vibrant poppy reds, metallic like gunmetal, burnished silver and bronze, yellows, pale greys, woodsy greens and browns and of course the traditional favorites of ivory and black.

Patent leather bags are still being sought after as are the new trendy colors like hot candy pinks, all forms of purple and even bright oranges. Retro classic styles are coming back as well with additions such as more floral designs and even rosettes on the fronts.

Clutch purses will always be a classic that will never be out of the trendy loop. These can be interchangeable from the early morning hours to late nights. They go with fancy dress as well as casual. They have stayed favorites because of their versatility.

Big satchel bags are being seen on the arms of many a celebrity and on runways around the world too. The new styles have a subtle military inspired designs to them. Most have gold buckle accents with hints of military attire added in.

If you need a bag with lots of room then a satchel bag is just for you. It will hold all your much needed necessities and then some. These are hip and practical in beige, mossy greens and greys.

Working professional women as well as students love these because it can leave their hands free to carry books, briefcases and whatever else would take one or two hands to carry. They easily slip on like a real back pack and most come with interchangeable straps to make into a shoulder bag if you want.

Elegant evening clutches and bags have never been so lovely. Mink and faux fur detailing and fringe layers are some of the fanciest ones on the market right now. Also the hard case ones which have a hard outer shell and make keeping your bag clean a breeze are in high demand.

The Classic and traditional Hobo Bag is still just as sought after as it ever was. This is another timeless hand bag you will use year after year. It transitions easily from one season to the next. New designs are being seen in all sorts of embroidery, brocade and tapestry looks. They are also some with textures mimicking that of snake skin and crocodile.

Brocade and tapestry fabrics trimmed with leather satchel style buckles and then topped with silver studs are all the rage with young and old alike. These can also carry into the cooler months because of their styling.

Jewel tone hues are favorites this year in hand bags with amethyst, ruby, sapphire and emerald showing up not only in bags but other accessories like shoes, clothing and jewelry in stores. Handles which are braided fabric or leather, textures which are woven, long handled straps and exotic designs in animal prints are also showing up.

There are even more of the perfect fashion purses out there. Take your time and choose purses that speak to you and your style aesthetic. Don’t just buy a bag because it is trendy. Make a smart purchase and choose ones you will wear time and time again.

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