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The first place to start when consider replacing a home’s windows is knowing the corporation that is doing the work. Feeling comfortable and certain the builder can do the installation, and will stand behind the work they do is critically important. Even more important than the actual product. As part of the evaluation process, it is a must to have the installer provide a written installation guarantee. Generally six months is adequate. Anything more than six months exceeds the minimum standards. There are a couple reasons why selecting the installer is critically important:

1) Ultimately, the contractor has the relationship with the manufacture, not the home owner. Any problem you have with your windows, the manufacture is going to send out an installer to look at their product, which you bought. No manufacture is going to send one of their employees to your home to fix their product! Thus, it is important for the home owner to have the relationship with the contractor and not the manufacture.

2) Selecting a contractor to work on you home has become so difficult and unscrupulous builder have pick the pockets of so many home owners, that an entire industry has been created around the selection process of contractors. One such industry is the design-build vertical market. The problem is that such companies walk away with 30% to 40% of gross expenditure of your project. So make sure you check references.

3) Go visit one of their customers. Look at the results of their work. See if you can talk with a consumer that has had one of their products installed over two years ago. This will allow you to know what, if any, remorse an older client has using their services.

4) Avoid any and all one-call-close, high pressure selling contractors that want you to sign a contract on their first visit. There are companies that make millions of dollars per year taking advantage of customers that are naive. Remember, buyer beware.

Be patient, do your homework, have a reasonable budget in mind are a few pointers. For a complete check list on how to select an enterprise you can visit triple a quality.

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