Obtaining Therapist Liability Insurance

Despite the amount of liability a therapist generally incurs, finding the right therapist liability insurance can actually be quite hard. After all, insurance organizations tend to like to cover things that they understand well, and therapy is still considered quite alternative by many in that industry. Fortunately, many companies do offer liability insurance for therapists, though there are guidelines that one must meet before being approved for coverage Therapist Liability Insurance.

First and foremost, one must be properly licensed to practice. Most companies want proof that you are actually a competent professional, generally through submission of the therapist’s state license to practice. This evidence is rather easy to gather, and most have it on hand.


History is also important, as with any form of insurance. Most companies are loathe to insure a person that has multiple lawsuits filed against them. This is a great reason to get insurance early on before such things can accrue. It is far easier for a new therapist to become insured than it is for a therapist that has fallen afoul of a number of claims against them.

Finally, one needs to prove that there are no new lawsuits on the horizon. No company wants to insure a therapist that is about to be sued. Again, this is why one should try to get insured as early on as possible – as one’s career goes on, the pitfalls only become more likely to be encountered.

Policies generally begin upon issuance, but some do extend retroactively. Retroactive coverage usually costs a great deal more, and is often unnecessary. However, it can help to have one insurer over the length of one’s career, so it comes down to personal choice on this matter.

Any therapist should have liability insurance. One will hopefully never need it, but it is great to have when the worst happens. Do your best to get a policy early in your career, and you can sleep easier knowing that you are protected.

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