Ohio Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Medical care has become so expensive that uninsured individuals have to pay quite a sum for their treatments. The obvious solution would be to get Ohio small business health insurance plans to cover the bills. However, most of these come with high premiums and searching for a reasonably priced policy can be tricky.


What employers should realize is that they can now make use of government-sponsored tax credits when they provide various forms of medical insurance to their workforce. It works by having as much as 35% of the premiums reimbursed. This financial assistance for small businesses has been made possible by the new healthcare law. Those with 25 or less staff with mean yearly wage lower than $50,000 are qualified to avail of this refund, provided that the employer shoulders half or more of the premiums excluding those for dependants. This offer is limited and will only last up to 2013.

Workers, on the other hand, can find affordable Ohio small business health insurance plans more readily. They could transfer to a company that offers greater benefits if they want to. Personally buying health insurance cost much more than getting one through the company. A typical family generally pays $1,000 or more for privately held insurance. Those assisted by the company pay half that amount. Private insurance may not be as comprehensive as hoped for, often excluding things like MRI and surgeries from their packages. Dental and vision insurance similarly cost higher.

There are ways to get good Ohio small business health insurance plans. Both employers and employees have their options, and it is up to them to decide the most ideal solution for their needs.

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