On The Trail: Tracking A Great Hunt Club

It is no secret that hunters are passionate about their sport. While the sport may have suffered from poor public image over the last few decades, if you are a hunter you know that nothing compares to the thrill and skill or tracking an animal and the satisfaction of knowing that you caught your meal yourself. If you are thinking about joining a hunt club, however, there are a few things that you should consider. While a club will give you a hunting outlet and introduce you to like-minded people, it is important to make sure that your club uses safe practices and has the proper hunt club liability insurance.


If you live in a rural area, you probably do not have trouble finding a great place to hunt. If you live in an urban area, however, it may be a bit more difficult. Some hunt club memberships come with their own hunting land. While this can be an attractive membership feature, it can also be the first sign of a canned hunt. Canned hunting means that foreign animals have been brought onto the land just so that they can be killed. Some canned hunting clubs use endangered species and some even drug the animals to make them easier to shoot. While most hunt clubs with their own land are legitimate, canned hunts are becoming increasingly common and it is a good idea to double check any club that offers access to private land.

Once you have made sure that a hunt club is legitimate, you should ask the club about its insurance policy. Hunting can be dangerous and a good club will always have the proper hunt club liability insurance. Along with injury coverage, it is important to ask if the club insurance policy covers damaged equipment. If it does not, you may want to consider insuring your gun and supplies separately in order to avoid costly repairs if something is damaged.

It is also a good idea to talk to other members before you join any hunt club. Find out about the club’s attitudes and philosophies. Are members more interested in outdoor survival or are they into trophy hunting? Finding a group of people who believe the same things that you do is an important part of the hunt club experience. After all, anyone can get a hunting license and most people join hunt clubs because of their social aspect.

While all of this research may seem like a hassle, most people find that it pays off. Making sure that you are joining a reputable club that has good hunt club liability insurance is an important part of protecting yourself. In the end, safety and protection are two of the most important elements of responsible hunting.

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