Organo Gold Reviews – Can you be Healthy & Wealthy

Organo Gold is a company that utilizes the MLM business model to distribute various healthy gourmet beverages, such as coffee, and other nutritionals. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernando Chua. Bernie is a legend within the Direct Selling industry. He built a 500,000 member Direct Sales Organization in the Philippines & he has won the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award 5 times which highlights his years of experience as a trusted CEO as well. First, take into account that the opportunity has been around for just about 3 years now. 95% of business’s fizzle out in the first 5 years. Because they still have not made it past that 5 year crunch, Organo Gold is still in the process of proving that it is a stable company. If positioned correctly, this may be an awesome opportunity for a rep to get in the forefront of an opportunity that doesn’t have the same potential risk as a direct start-up. Organo Gold is currently led by company Founder & CEO, Bernando along with Shane Morand, Holton Buggs, Jaime Foo, and other well documented leaders with experience.

This business has a product portfolio that consist of many types of healthy gourmet beverages & nutritionals. This includes different styles of its widely known coffee, Green Tea, Hot chocolate, etc. Also, they have nutritionals consisting of different types of Ganoderma herbs. With a company that is 100% committed to making its product’s ingredients scientifically healthy, it allows the representative to offer the company’s product with greater integrity knowing that they are assisting their customers lead a healthier lifestyle. This also creates some great income potential for the right person.

As for the business opportunity associated with Organo Gold, there are several ways to get paid. You make money with Organo Gold through retail profits, fast pack bonuses, various leadership bonuses, matching bonuses, and some other ways as well. If you want to get the detailed version of the compensation plan, I would advise reading the updated version of the company’s official document. Especially if you want to know how to quickly advance up the ranks. To get started with Organo Gold, you have the option of paying anywhere from $50 for a starter kit up to $1,300 which includes a generous amount of optional product that you can receive as apart of a Professional Fast Pack Enrollment Package to start marketing the products for retail profits right away.

In closing, Organo Gold seems like a credible and solid business opportunity. If you are looking for an opportunity that has proven stability, then this might not be for you. However, if you choose to take advantage of the timing of this company, you may be rewarded if this company really is in for the long-haul. In any event, as terrific as your timing may be with an opportunity, you will still need to know how to properly create a booming organization. The key is having a marketing strategy that will help you solve the problem in your mission to not only market the product, but to sponsor new reps as well. My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing System that helps you brand yourself, helps you generate your own leads, helps you to make money even when people choose not to join your Organo Gold business, and even helps you sponsor more distributors into Organo Gold in the back-end of your system. If you can master leveraging the internet while using offline methods to build your business as well, you will be well in control of your income with your Organo Gold business.

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