Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Outdoor gas fire pits are the answer if you want an external fire but live in an area that prohibits wood burning like Florida or the transportation of firewood like Michigan. You need to check with your local fire department but they should sanction the use of a gas fire. They are also suitable if your family suffer from allergies or asthma and cannot bear the smoke a wood fire produces. Also the fact they light easily, extinguish at a click of a button and don’t leave any mess to clear up is a huge selling factor.

So what types of outdoor gas fire pits are available? You can build a custom made fire pit in your backyard that can add value to your property and may even help it sell in a difficult market. These units are not cheap and they must be installed by someone qualified to work with gas. They come in a variety of finishes and can be built into an outdoor kitchen if that is what you want.

There is a huge choice of readymade appliances available on line for those of us who do not have the space or cash available to build custom outdoor gas fire pits. Some of these units are fully portable so you can take them on a camping trip, to your local park as well as using them in your backyard. Others are larger and are meant to be installed as a feature piece in your garden. Some are made for entertaining and cooking while others will just act as a heater on a chilly evening. A modern stainless steel gas firepit is perfect if you own a contemporary style home. A slate or marble structure may suite a more period style residence although obviously the end decision is down to personal preference.

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