Past Lives Reincarnation Regression And The Real You

What is past lives reincarnation? It’s a theory that says that the soul lives many lives, again and again and again. One of the philosophies that believes in past lives reincarnation is Hinduism, as dictated by common, or deeds, and athma, the soul.

The religious scriptures from Hinduism say that the soul can’t be destroyed, only that it changes. It lives on, changing form from one body to the next, just as a snake might shed its skin.

This is a very different philosophy from that of Christian theory of reincarnation, which focuses on the resurrection of Christ.

The Hindus state that the soul can inhabit any form, man, woman or animal. The deeds or karma of a human being in one life dictate what’s going to be his or her life in the next.

Several Hindu scriptures talk about past lives reincarnation. Most notable among these is the Bhrigu Sanhita, which supposedly held an accounting of all past and future births for souls then currently living. It’s unfortunate, then, that the scripture was lost over time.

Most compellingly, Dr. Ian Stevenson was a modern day believer in past lives reincarnation; he amassed a collection of data that is the most famous and well-documented data of its kind. It can’t be said that it’s the most respected source of scientific information on reincarnation theory, since modern science still discounts rebirth claims, but it is nonetheless so well known because Dr. Stevenson had a degree in medicine and was a psychiatrist.

The theory of Dr.Stevenson is not based on taking the subject to a state of trance or hypnotism like most psychiatrists, but is based purely on children recalling their past lives in great detail.

One of the most well-known and curious cases concerns a young boy who was six years old at the time. From a small village in Punjab, this little boy said that he had been a man named Satnam Singh in a past life.

He said that he had lived in Chakkchela, this man’s village, even though he himself had never lived there. And again, curiously, he could describe it very clearly.

In spite of his family’s tremendous effort to try and get him to stop, he continued claiming he was Satnam. He even told everyone his father’s name and revealed the fact that he was killed in a road accident with a motorcycle while returning from his school.

Closer investigation found thatSatnam had indeed died in this manner. The boy was also able to reveal personal information about the family, but the “clincher” was that when the child’s and the man’s handwriting samples were compared, they were identical.

Another instance from stevenson’s documents include the claim of Swarnalata, a 3 year old girl who said she was a young woman named Biya pathak in her past life.

The little girl minutely described the house that she had lived in and took her own father to the property when they were out one day. The child said that she had lived there and that a better cup of tea was to be had in that house than they could get on the road.

The turning point in the case came when the child recognized Biya’s brother and addressed him by his pet name from a group of 9 people.

There remains so many other fully documented cases of regression in Stevenson’s documents. He also states that sometimes people would have a birthmark from an injury or an accident from the subject’s previous life.

Indeed, one subject said that this had happened to him. He said he was his own deceased uncle, on his mother’s side; the subject had a scar on his head that matched a knife wound his uncle had had in the same location, the wound his uncle had died from.

Then, there was the case of a boy claimed to remember his past life in which he was a man called MahaRam, the man was killed by close range shots to the chest, the boy had several birthmark like scars on his chest that could correspond to a gun shot wound.

Even though many psychiatrists; most notably among them, Dr Brian Weiss who is considered to be the father of past life regression and several others eminent authorities on psychiatry and psychology are inclined to believe the concept of rebirth, science at large is extremely skeptical about it.

It should be noted, however, that if people undergo past lives regression therapy, they can often rid themselves of phobias and fears in just a few sessions.

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