Patios and even indoors

There are many options to think of when considering a good type of Adirondack chair wood. The type of furniture comes with a very interesting history and was initially put together to be placed outdoors in areas with steep mountain inclines. However today, there is no rule as such that dictates that these pieces of furniture must be set outside, as they can also be ideal for patios and even indoors when mixed with the decor and have some color thrown on.

But when trying to come to a decision on the most suitable Adirondack chair wood, it is important to understand where these pieces will be placed. If the answer is outdoors, then it is best that you look at a weather resistant raw material, one that can handle the elements and age beautifully. If you are looking at indoors, then the Adirondack chair wood need not be one that best withstands the elements but one that has a beautiful grain and maybe even light when it comes to its weight.

Now let’s look at some of the Adirondack chair wood options available to you. For starts, there are tropical hardwoods such as teak which is hardier and ideal for outdoors thanks to its inherent ability to withstand the elements and its pest and termite resistant qualities. Redwood is another choice of Adirondack chair wood option.

Cedar is also a good enough choice when considering Adirondack chair wood, and will offer you a nice weather look in tones of grey. Yet another option available is white oak. Make sure that it is only white oak, as other oak woods are not suited for this type of furniture and are not particularly known for their longevity, whereas white oak with their inherently high tannic acid content proves valuable as they are highly rot resistant and mold resistant. Cyprus can also be considered as a wonderful option when looking at Adirondack chair wood. While Cyprus looks good, it must be mentioned that they are not particularly long lasting.

While all of the above goes to prove that you have a wide variety of choice when it comes to Adirondack chair wood, keep in mind where the finished pieces of furniture will be placed. And if you intend to make them yourself or get it done to any specific requirement, ensure that the type of wood is available in your area. Also the mere fact that certain types of wood were mentioned here does not always mean they are recommended as the best choice. This is because the wood you select will need to be considered alongside the weather and climate in your area. But if manufactured with neatness and with the right type of wood, your Adirondack chair will no doubt be a much envied piece of furniture.

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