Picking and Buying Your Very First Rice Cooker

Most people know how useful it is to have a rice cooker. A good rice cooker will produce excellent rice every time, plus there is the advantage that there is very little to clear up afterwards. When you come to buy one it can be hard to make a choice because there are so many available to buy. In addition to there being many manufacturers, each one makes several models with different features and options. Let’s have a look at the main choices that are on the market.

The initial issue to think about is the size of the rice cooker. By this I don’t mean the dimensions, although these are important for those with only a small space to place their cooker. In this case the size refers to the capacity of the cooker in terms of the number of cups of rice that it can cook. This obviously depends on the size of your family and whether or not you will have guests to dinner. Don’t forget that the high end rice cookers such as the Zojirushi models will keep rice warm and moist for up to 2 days so you can prepare rice for 2 or 3 meals in one go. Most people opt for rice cookers that take 3 to 10 cups of rice.

There are lots of different features available. It is always advisable to buy a rice cooker with a delay timer. This means that you can program it to cook the rice so that it is ready at a particular time. Therefore you can do the preparation at a time that suits you and the rice will be ready for you when you need it. If you have a keep warm function it will also ensure that the rice is ready to eat whenever you need it without any worry of the rice burning or becoming dry.

The price of rice cookers varies probably more than any other appliance. The cheapest cookers can be bought for less than $40. The classier and sophisticated rice cookers can cost in excess of $300. With the more expensive cookers you get many more options and you will have programs for cooking other foods such as porridge. They also use fuzzy logic technology to make sure that the rice is cooked perfectly no matter what sort of rice you are cooking. There’s no question that a good rice cooker will provide many additional cooking options, particularly for people who want to eat healthily but have a busy way of life.

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