Pipe Tobacco Sampler

If you like to smoke a pipe, you should try a pipe tobacco sampler in order to savor many different varieties. Pipe smoking is getting increasingly popular for the relaxation it provides and the sophisticated air it gives the smoker. Trying out new things, in this case, new and different kinds of flavored tobacco, is an integral part of the pipe smoking culture. But there are also other reasons why you should consider it.


Variety. When you get such a sampler, you get a number of differently flavored tobaccos in it, this makes it easy for you to discover new tastes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like one of it, as a sampler contains only small amounts of each variety, nothing is lost. Much worse to buy a full packet of a new flavor and then discover that you don’t like it. That would be a waste of money! But far more often you will discover that you like several of the samples provided and then you can buy a full packet of your new, favorite pipe tobacco.

Price. As the manufacturer uses this kind of sample kits to attract new customers, there are often better priced, per weight, as the regular packages. So, additionally to discover new varieties, you also can safe money.

Gift. If you have a pipe smoking friend, but don’t know his favorite brand, gifting such a sampler can be a great way to make a meaningful gift without the risk of choosing something he doesn’t like.

You see, getting a pipe tobacco sampler, either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, has many advantages. Price and variety are only two of them and, as outlined above, they make also great gifts.