Popular Zippo Lighter

Most everyone has heard of Zippo lighters. These popular lighters have been around a long time and are favored by smokers and collectors. Modern lighters can be relatively inexpensive. However, older, collectible models may have a higher cost. Zippo is constantly updating their lighters for both function and fun. With so many choices, finding the perfect one for any circumstance should be no problem.


Zippo is famous for its ability to remain lit even when it is windy. The only way to extinguish the flame is from the top. Zippo’s windproof line comes in many fun and classic designs. Finding one that matches the user’s personality is easy.

The BLU lighter is Zippo’s updated butane model. Zippo has taken all of the features of their classic model and updated some of the features. They still have the distinctive sound of the regular lighters along with the Z pattern chimney. However, Zippo has added the patented refillable tank for the butane, along with a fuel indicator wheel. The metal construction makes it as reliable as the classic models, and the flint ignition is easy to operate.

Zippo also manufactures lighters to light grills and fireplaces. These have all of the style and function of traditional Zippo lighters, but are ergonomically designed. This prevents the user from getting burned. There is a child-proof switch so children cannot get hurt. This model also has a fuel gauge to let the user know how much fuel is left.

Zippo is staying current by introducing new designs for everyday use, but still make the old-fashioned style that many have come to appreciate. Whatever features the user needs in a lighter, Zippo has it.

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