Many people request to have a boat inspected prior to purchase, but there can also be inspections requested on the part of an insurance company. An insurance surveyor will do an inspection of the vessels and operating systems, looking for problems that could turn into large financial expenses or liabilities for the owner or the insurance company.

Performance Liability

Just as the potential boat owner faces liabilities with the new purchase, the surveyor deals with the potential of a lawsuit or other exposures based on the findings of the inspection report. In spite of being familiar with many of the boat models and the suitability of the vessel for its intended use and operating location, things can go wrong with the vessel that the surveyor may not have warned of or noticed. The experts at recommend purchasing a professional liability policy in order to protect against the potential legal claims that could ensue.

The Costs of Defense

A customer could argue against your work as a surveyor and demand payment for damages, and the costs of litigation could ruin your company. Whether its the court fees, a settlement payout, or the cost to repair your reputation, having an insurance policy to help with the financial burden of a claim could be what save’s the day for your company.