Protecting Your Car With Glendale Auto Insurance

To a Californian, a car is a valuable possession. So getting insurance to cover that car properly is also important. But the state of California is also concerned about their budget in terms of damage from possible accidents as well. They have some of the highest requirements. –Glendale Auto Insurance

California requires you to have a certain amount of insurance. This includes $15,000 in bodily injury, $30,000 for anyone involved and $5,000 towards any property damage. This is a high minimum. However, this goes to other people involved rather than yourself, which means you should think about your needs too.

If you have the minimum, you will find the amount that you have to pay is huge, especially if this accident was your due to your actions and not the other person’s. Then you will have to plan for things such as legal fees, attorney fees, any property damage or your own personal medical bills. You should get more than what’s required.

Although California doesn’t require you to have full comprehensive insurance, for your sake this is still a good idea, especially with a new car. You wouldn’t want to deal with expensive repairs or buying a new car because it has been stolen and you don’t have adequate coverage.

Comprehensive Glendale auto insurance is important especially since you likely have an expensive car and are close to freeways, which can be dangerous. You also want to stay within the minimum but get enough to cover your expensive. It’s also good to keep your budget and expenses in mind as well when deciding. And lastly, be sure to talk to a professional insurance agent.

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