Protecting Your Network Marketing Business From The Torpedo Of Discouragement

The torpedo of discouragement has demonstrated itself potent, again and again, in destroying a vulnerable network marketing business. This intruder uses stealth to its advantage and often attacks out of the blue. Individuals who are facing this enemy without proper preparation realize their hopes, goals along with self esteem floating in a burning distorted mass in the sea of life. For your network marketing business to outlive this encounter, you have to take correct techniques in order to render this torpedo useless.

There is one key fact within a network marketing business that you must fully understand if you are going to become successful for the long term within this industry. Network marketing is first and foremost a people business. Understanding that this enterprise is constructed around individuals also means that the quirks, weaknesses and negatives that will be innate with people are also a part of this enterprise.Because of this you will be able to view both the best and absolute worst in women and men. Here are a number of prevalent illustrations:

– The MLM distributor that exhibited so much promise when you first talked who quit before even trying

– The person who was a faithful consumer for months quits ordering your MLM products or services without explanation

– The new associate who you spent hours with helping them form a network marketing business approach and now they do not even return your phone calls or emails

– Dry periods where you don’t sponsor anyone new into your MLM downline

– Google modifies their algorithm and your search engine traffic declines by 40%

These are a number of the torpedoes that you are certain to be exposed to along the way (I have personally encountered each of these), although there are several more.

“Be prepared” is not just a good motto for the Boy Scouts, but it is definitely a tremendous piece of advice for the endurance of your network marketing business. Recognizing the concerns that you are likely to face will help you to prepare more effectively for them. Among the best pieces of advice that I have ever come across for network marketing came from Mark Yarnell, who has been a million dollar producer and industry leader for many years. In his book “Your First Year In Network Marketing” Yarnell reminds his readers that within your organization “some will, some won’t, so what?….next.” Essentially this means that some will become enthusiastic about the organization and give it their all while others will give up before they ever get started and either outcome is OK. The key is for you as an entrepreneur continue to move forward. Every frustration moves you one step towards the next one who will far exceed your expectations.

Another key point to consider is definitely the repetitive nature of business. Although we would like to see our businesses setting new records month after month, the reality is we are going to encounter cycles. Some cycles will bring tremendous growth and expansion to our network marketing business, while other cycles will bring reductions. It is your resolve to continually practice the things that have demonstrated themselves productive over time to enable you to endure the temporary declines while still accomplishing long term progress.

Finally it is important to remember that a network marketing business is a long term proposition. Although there are a few affiliates who find seemingly instant success, the reality is individuals who continue to accomplish great things are the individuals who have made an enduring commitment to their business. They do not think in weeks or months, but in years. Before you decide to even start your organization, it is imperative that you make a long term commitment to adhere to that venture until it is prosperous.

By placing your feet firmly in these mental footholds you can expect to avoid having your network marketing business destroyed by the torpedo of discouragement.

Discouragement is one of many predators looking to destroy your network marketing business. Learning the skills of building a network marketing business is one of the key defenses to protect your business.

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