Purses: Real Or Replica How To Avoid Fakes

The question of purses: real or replica seems to be on the mind of every female shopper these days. It seems where ever you look there is knock-off phony fake handbags and purses. Especially on the internet, there is a plethora of counterfeit shopping sites. Sometimes it is hard to tell the real stuff from the fake stuff. It is also tempting to save a lot of money buying attractive well-made counterfeit knock-off products.

Studies have shown that many women can not tell the actual designer bag from the fake ones. There are telltale signs that indicate a fake bag. For example, linings and labels should be stitched in. Phony handbags will often use glue to attach linings and labels. Some fakes look very close to the original but an expert can always identify a fake.

A moral question arises from the situation with phony bags and purses. If the woman does not even realize the bag is fake then is anyone really being harmed. The company that produces the product is being harmed because the knock-off company is stealing business from them. Every shopper has to weigh their conscience in deciding whether they ought to purchase obvious fake merchandise. There is always an option of buying an off brand that is still well made but is not as popular.

Shoppers should ask to see the official identification tag from the designer. This tag will display the model name and product number information. A fake item will unlikely have an identification tag. Not all counterfeits are cheap, shoddy looking knock-offs. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the real thing from the fake. Then again, there are certain characteristics that indicate there is a good chance the bag is a fake.

Authentic designer products will be expensive. A low priced item is a clue that a piece is not authentic. Authentic pieces are always well-constructed with high quality materials. They are put together using hand stitching instead of being glued together. Real fine leather is used. Great care is taken with every detail of the pieces. Inspect the buttons, hardware, zippers and alike to make sure they are right

It is against the law to make and sell fake products. Companies that do this are taking big legal risks. It is a serious crime that is punishable by prison time. With all the great legal products there are to sell, why risk going to prison selling counterfeit products. It is not worth going to jail to rip-off people for a little bit of money.

Even though making and selling counterfeit products is illegal, it still goes on, and business is good. Buyers of counterfeit products are never prosecuted. For this reason, if you see a bag that looks really good and it is a low price you might as well buy it. Somebody else is just going to buy it anyway. It is better that you get it than somebody else.

Purses: real or replica, this question will continue to haunt every female shopper. It is difficult to maintain a good conscience these days when it comes to shopping. It seems everywhere you look there are deals for questionable items like handbags and such. Actually, it is an indication of a vibrant retail marketplace where consumers needs and desires are satisfied through free enterprise.

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