Riding Lawn Mowers – Finding the Right Model for Your Garden

It is a good idea to buy a riding lawn mower if you have a large area of lawn to maintain and you are finding it hard to keep it under control. They not only help with the physical work but also drastically reduce the amount of time required to cut a lawn with a manual push mower. The term riding lawn mower is used to describle lawn mower tractors in addition to the traditional ride-on mowers. Both types of mower are referred to in this article as riding lawn mowers unless specified. Lawn tractors differ from their mower counterparts in that they are generally more robust and can be used to pull utility trailers and other equipment around your property.

Provided that your lawn is relatively flat and free from obstacles, a riding lawn mower is the ideal solution for keeping it maintained. If you do have many corners or narrow gaps then you can still use a riding lawn mower but you need to consider the type known as a zero-turning-radius mower or ZTR. As the name implies, these can be turned through 180 degrees without moving and therefore helps considerably if you need to negotiate obstructions such as trees or garden decorations.

As you would expect with such a piece of equipment, there are several options and features to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of these features so that you buy the one that is most appropriate to your needs. First of all you need to take account of the terrain, particularly if there are hilly areas. Any lawns with slopes required an all-wheel drive mower, not only for more grip but also because these are usually more secure on sloping ground. It is vital to take a note of the manufacturers specifications when it comes to the maximum gradient that you can safely use the mower without it overturning. If your lawn is flat and clear then a standard rider is enough.

In case you have a large area such as two or more acres, or you just like to get the job done quickly, you should get a faster riding mower with the widest deck that you can get so that you cut more area with each pass. Be careful though to make sure that the mower will pass through the narrowest gaps that you have and also that you have got room to store the mower.

The next point to consider is what to do with the clippings. The more basic riding mowers simply send out the grass to one side and spread it out on the lawn. This is actually beneficial to the lawn as the clippings rot away and return nutrition to the soil. Some people who want to keep their lawn looking in top condition prefer to get a mower with a bagger at the side or rear that captures the clippings. Baggers can add quite a lot to the cost of the mower. You will also pay more if you want to get a mulching kit that chops the clipping almost into a powder that forms a mulch when it degrades on top of the turf.

One last choice is whether to choose a lawn tractor. This really depends on whether being able to attach an utility trailer to the rear of the mower is of use. They can also be employed to help you clear snow in the wintertime.

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