Rod Iron Doors

In general, doors made of iron exude a sense of class and strength. Numerous homeowners for practical and decorative reasons use Rod Iron Doors also named wrought iron doors. These kind of doors offer a perfect option to those homeowners who want to install a front door that offers sturdiness and visual appeal.


Rod iron is one of the most durable building materials along with a variety of choices from which to pick when someone is looking for suitable entry doors for his or her house. Entrance doors made of rod iron, offer security.


Wrought iron has been around for 1000’s of years. In the fifteenth century, Rod Iron Doors and gates were a resource used to build castles all throughout Europe. Back in the sixties, steel manufacturing prices feel off considerably. The process of making hand-worked iron was not often utilized instead they increased production of low carbon steel.

Previous to steel began being mass produced; rod iron was the most commonly used pliable iron and the insistence for this resource peaked in the mid nineteenth century. The artistic scrollwork was “wrought” by hand, which is where the name originated. Today rod iron simply refers to the design of the iron.


In regards to the care of wrought iron doors is the avoidance of rust accumulating. The internet is a good resource for tips to maintaining these types of doors.

With some effort the choice and care of Rod Iron Doors, one will discover just how much security and value they add to their home.

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