Saving Money On Car Insurance: Stow Away Some Extra Cash In Stow, Ohio!

Sometimes, the best way to save money is to think laterally. While there are various common threads to saving money on auto insurance Stow Ohio, most online articles dealing with the subject neglect to mention a few very important issues. We will discuss three here. The first has to do with keeping a photographic record of the scene of the accident. The second two concern your home and the nature of your employment. First-time buyers of insurance might be surprised by just how much these latter two things can affect your insurance quote.


Photographic Evidence

Now that most people have camera phones with them at all times, there is a useful way of protecting yourself against an old problem. While we might like to think that people will always act in an honest and selfless manner, we also know that this is just not going to happen in reality. There is a traditional scam in which the owner of a car which was damaged in an accident gets home and manually sets about wrecking the car even more. This increases the insurance claim drastically. Alternatively, the owner might have yet another accident on the way home and blame the additional damage on you as well. To protect yourself against this, make sure you take some good photographs of the damage to both cars at the scene of the accident.

Home and Neighborhood

You might be surprised just how much your home and your neighborhood affects your quotes for auto insurance Stow Ohio. Insurance companies like to see respectable neighborhoods and lock-up garages. While it may be a bit much to expect someone to move house just to improve their car insurance quote, you may be able to get a discount if you upgrade your garage.


Insurance companies know that people in different jobs tend to live different lifestyles. They will tend to charge rock musicians more than dentists, for example! The nature of your job can have a serious impact on the quotes you are offered. A job the insurers see as safe and reliable will invariably command a lower price. It is a good idea, therefore, to make sure that the insurance company has a good idea of the exact nature of your profession.


Your job and your home have more of an effect on your auto insurance Stow Ohio quotes than you might have thought. This is especially important information for young people who have not yet settled down into a particular home or career. Taking good photographs of the scene of an accident is also a good way to protect yourself against insurance fraud. While these three principles are not often talked about in most articles concerning car insurance advice, they are nonetheless extremely important and offer opportunities for saving considerable cost on your car insurance.

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