Setting Up Your Custom Aquarium – Golden Rules

When setting up your custom aquarium you need to follow some golden rules. It is extremely easy to destroy your own hard work by trying to take short cuts. For example one of the most common ways of polluting your new fish tank is by introducing plants that haven’t been properly washed.

Taking possession of your first fish is an exciting time but you could cause him distress if you do not take care when transporting him from the store to your new fish tank. You cannot just dump him into the new tank. If transporting in a plastic bag, let the bag float in the fish tank so that the water temperature inside and out can equalize. Some people will recommend adding some of the aquarium water into the bag so that the fish can acclimatize to the new water.

Marine fish are very sensitive to light so it may be a good idea to subdue the lighting when putting them into their new custom aquarium. If you are introducing a new fish to a fish tank that is already populated, it is prudent to keep the new fish separate for about two weeks. This gives sufficient time for symptoms of any diseases he may be carrying to manifest themselves.

You may be surprised to know that in addition to your custom aquarium you should also buy a small separate fish tank. This will act as your hospital tank as well as being the place to house any new fish for the settling in period prior to adding them to your existing aquarium. These precautions are there to protect your fish from disease. Remember that your investment in any fish is worthless if they are all dead. Unfortunately given the enclosed habitat, disease can spread rapidly and so these precautions are not just necessary but should be considered vital.

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