Shamen And Psychic Powers

Psychic powers are those superhuman abilities of the psychics which enable them to perceive paranormal information which are otherwise unperceivable to the common man. As a subject, psychic powers is an area that people are confused and frightened of and hence it has remained unstudied and mysterious since ancient times.

Only a few handful, rare individuals have high level of psychic skills though usually most people have such abilities to some extent within.

Apart from the usual five sense organs of man, a psychic has the power of a sixth sense which enables him to perceive such paranormal information.

Some psychics possess the power of precognition, predicting what the future holds, while some others possess the reverse retrocognition and talks about the past. There are even some who can see spirits and other forms of energies that are otherwise invisible.

Names such as the wise man, spiritualist, mentalist, oracle reader or even the common fortune teller are some of the name tags that psychics have usually been called by since the age old days.

Infact, numerous pretenders led to the already existing fire of controversy to be fuelled further.

But why does one need to pretend if all of us possess psychic powers deep within us? Rather, one should try tapping into the same and developing it for making these latent abilities stronger so as to be able to control the same and use it whenever an urgent need arises.

If you are ready to take on this feat, learning how to meditate properly is extremely essential for balancing your emotions, spirit and mind.

People having true psychic powers have become masters at cleansing their minds and removing all bad thoughts and negativity, opening up the minds to the infinite energy of the universe in the process.

Once you make meditation a part and parcel of your life and practice your psychic abilities regularly, you will feel an intense happiness from within. Infact, you will suddenly come alive and creativity will overflow from you.

You need to schedule in deep meditation once a day. Spending thirty to sixty minutes in quiet and focused concentration will allow your person to let go of any negativity surrounding your emotions or thoughts.

You need to locate a calm and quiet place where there are no distractions. A quiet corner in your home, in the park or even a cave will suit just fine as long as have no chance of getting disturbed.

Start by experiencing the flow of emotions and feelings in your body while you meditate and learn the techniques of deep breathing and intense concentration to keep any negative thoughts at bay.

The more you practice, the better you get with time. You shall become aware of the natural vibrations and the different kinds of energies present in the world around you. Remember, that you need to attune yourself to the universally connecting energy that binds us all for developing your psychic abilities to their fullest potential.

The more you practise the stronger your powers will become. You could try palmistry or give tarot readings. Start with your own circle of family and friends. Bear in mind that your reading can only be as good as the person you are giving the reading to. They must be open minded and willing to accept the psychic communication.

You should practise your psychic powers and skills every day. By regular practise you will start to see the aura that surrounds everyone. Soon you will be able to see this aura without any deep concentrating.

With one look at a person’s aura, you will come to know what intentions he truly has within. Moreover, things like illnesses, etc can also be detected from the aura, which the individual himself might not even be aware of.

As you develop your skills further, you will be able to see events that have taken place in the past, is taking place elsewhere at the present or will happen in future. Keep working hard so that you can channelize these powers on command.

We often hear about children taking to spirits and this infact it is one of those psychic powers that have faced huge controversy and even gained immense fascination over the years.

We adults have been taught to fear the unknown since years now and hence children are much stronger since they still have an open mind. We have to relearn to lower our defenses and remove the fear of the unseen and unknown.

The aspect which works in favor of the children is their open approach towards non-comprehensible things. Thus, instead of tuning out a spirits presence or voice, they try to communicate back. And this goes on till the time an interfering adult comes in and forces the child to build the wall of defense against the unknown.

So take a leaf out of the children’s book and free your mind of all fears and negativity against the unknown and spirit world. Only when you are fearless and positive, will you be bale to connect with the various kinds of energies in your surroundings.

Psychic powers can be safely stated to be a true natural phenomenon. The only difference is in how much one is born with and how much one blocks out in the process.

A bit of time and effort on yourself is all it takes to develop and strengthen the latent talents within with which you can change your life and the world around you.

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