Should you implement vTiger CRM into your business?

They say that in business, it’s not what you know, rather, it’s WHO you know. Connections and contacts in the business world (whatever your business may be) is important when you are in business. It’s not about being lucky – but rather, its about forging relationships, those “extra” things you do to make a client or supplier want to do business with you.

As your business grows, so will your contacts. How do you keep up with them? An integrated CRM or Customer Relationship Management software can help you keep track and manage all your contacts. vtiger CRM may just be what your company needs. When you take care of your connections and contacts, you’re making sure your business survives in even the toughest environments.

Work smarter, not harder with vtiger CRM

One of the most convenient things about a CRM system is getting your information, when you need it. Don’t waste any more of your time hunting down emails or digging through your files. vtiger’s user interface is simple and easy to use. Using its Sales Force Automation, you can streamline your sales team’s main functions in areas of Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Forecasting, Sales Analytics, Account & Contact Management and Sales Pipeline Management. With vtiger CRM, you empower your sales team and make them work smarter. With vtiger CRM, your team will run with full efficiency possible.

vtiger CRM sales lead management capabilities have enabled sales managers to better manage, track, organize and distribute new sales leads to all their salespeople, whether in the office or on the field. With an integrated, centralized and standardized account and contact management, the sales team can now build and maintain deep knowledge of each account and develop a structured sales pipeline. Data no longer walks out the door when a staff member leaves.

Keep customers happy

Having happy clients is the key to success – after all, if you don’t feel good about a certain company, why would you give your hard earned cash to them? And keeping them happy means two things: satisfying their needs and keeping your promises. Just meeting these two conditions can mean the difference between a loyal and satisfied customer, and an unhappy one. More often than not, we make mistakes because we forget or lose information. vtiger CRM ensures that all your customer’s information are in one place – including your deliverables, and can help you make make the necessary follow-ups, to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Upsell intelligently to existing clients

The cost of gaining new clients can sometimes offset any profits you may gain from a venture. Most of the time, it costs less to sell to already existing clients. There are two ways that vtiger CRM can help you upsell intelligently – by identifying what your customer needs (but isn’t buying from you) or finding out which of your products are best sellers, and therefore can successfully sell to your existing clients. By allowing you to collect rich data from your clients and their past records, you can use these to generate sales reports, activity reports and even sales strategy, which you can utilize when approaching your current customers.

So, if you’re still struggling with email, notes, spreadsheets (or God forbid, notebooks and ledgers), perhaps it’s time to get organized and improve your business with vtiger CRM.

CommGate Singapore offers vtiger CRM support, implementation, hosting, administration, customization, consulting and maintenance. The vtiger CRM system is deployed on a secure ClearOS Enterprise Linux Server. Integrate YOUR CRM Sales Force Automation &increase your bottom-line today.

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