Simple Speaker Training Tips – Breathing

Speaking can be considered one of the highest paid professions in the world. Think back to a seminar you’ve attended in the past. Many seminars are held in large auditoriums, some are even held in packed sports arenas. Just imagine the number of attendees multiplied by the cost of admission, speaking is a lucrative business.

Besides the rock star status and paycheck that speaking can achieve, there are many other benefits that a simple speech can obtain. Speaking can have some very transformational outcomes, think Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, or any other presidential speech that has moved a whole nation. Even knowing the actionable effects that just one speech can have, many people are very frightened by having to speak in front of a large audience.

A hugely beneficial speaker training tip that really can make a big difference in your speech is something so simple that you don’t even have to think to do it. However, if you do take the time to think about this simple technique, it can make a whirlwind of a difference. So what am I talking about? The answer is breathing.

Of course you know how to breathe; you do it automatically without even thinking about it. However, thinking about breathing, and breathing from your diaphragm can have huge benefits when speaking. I know you’re probably saying to yourself that you do breathe, and you’re still nervous even when you breathe, but perhaps you haven’t utilized this technique to its fullest potential.

Breathing deeply from your diaphragm can calm your nerves, and getting more oxygen in your system will keep you mentally sharp. Just by breathing properly, you will appear professional when you are speaking. Your words will be clear, and you won’t run out of breath towards the end of a sentence. Your posture will improve and you will look much more energized, rather than caved in as shallow breathing can attribute to.

All in all, proper breathing can help a great deal when speaking. Breathing the right way can make you appear as an authority on your topic, and your voice will be strong and resonate well with your audience. You will appear confident and in control, and if your audience sees this, you will feed off of their energy and in turn become a much more confident speaker.

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