Simple Tips On Show To Use A Butane Lighter

The type of flame a cigar lighter produces has a big impact on the overall smoking experience, it is therefore important to ensure that the type of fuel your lighter uses dies not affect the taste of the cigar. A butane lighter is the best lighter for lighting cigars. Cigars very expensive, therefore the best lighter should be used to light it.


Finding the Most Suitable Lighter

A cigarette lighter or matches should not be used to light a cigar because a cigar requires a larger flame that burns evenly and constantly. A windproof lighter is the best cigar lighter. This type of lighter produces an intense green or blue flame similar to that of a welding torch. A torch lighter will light your cigar very fast and in the right way so it will only take a few second before you can enjoy your first puff.

Use Cigar Lighters With Butane

There are torch lighters that use propane while others use butane. Cigar enthusiasts prefer to use butane lighters compared to propane lighters. This can be attributed to the fact that the flame produced by butane lighters are hotter and burns with a constant temperature that gives a cigar an even light.

Lighting The Cigar

If you are a beginner, lighting your cigar might take you a while. There are many online resources which offer step by step instructions on lighting your cigar. After you cut the cigar, you should first warm it to ensure that air circulation inside it is constant. You can then light it right away to prevent it from losing its flavor.

Cigar enthusiasts put a lot of effort towards enjoying a good puff. A butane lighter and some tips on lighting your cigar will ensure that you experience is one of a every time you light your cigar.