Skin Lightening Cream Reviews

There are many reasons you may want to lighten your skin. If you suffer from dark spots, melasma, sun damage, scars or any other type of dark skin discoloration, then skin lightening creams may be the right solution for you. Hyperpigmentation has many different causes. Some people experience dark spots from acne, others may find it in the form of age spots or sun spots from years of unprotected sun exposure. In many cases, hyperpigmentation can be lightened and significantly reduced in appearance. This is typically done using a topical cream and proper sun protection. These creams are sold under many different names such as “skin lighteners”, “skin brightening creams”, “skin bleaching cream” or “skin whitening cream”. Despite all these different names, all of these products ultimately do the same thing – lighten dark areas of the skin for a more even and uniform complexion.

There are many ingredients on the market which are known to successfully lighten the skin. Some of these ingredients are natural extracts and others are synthetic products. You should be careful when choosing a product and carefully examine the full ingredient listing. One very popular synthetic ingredient is hydroquinone. This ingredient is found at 2% concentration in over-the-counter skin lightening creams and usually 4% in prescription products. Natural alternatives include kojic acid, arbutin, licorice extract and Vitamin C. We suggest finding a product that combines several active ingredients in one formula for best results. Meladerm (by Civant Skin Care) is one popular product that uses many of these natural proven ingredients. Meladerm does not use hydroquinone, steroids, mercury or other harmful skin bleaching ingredients.

When using a skin lightening cream, sun protection is very important. If the treated areas are exposed to the sun, then it is crucial to use a sunblock when outdoors. A sunblock will protect the treated areas and prevent the sun’s UV rays from darkening the treated areas.

Regardless of which product you use, patience is very important. Some types of hyperpigmentation may take longer to treat than others. It is also true that some forms may not be responsive to topical treatments at all. However, we suggest being patient and allow several weeks to start seeing results.

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