Smoking Tobacco Pipes

Smoking may not be good for a person’s health, but it is one habit that many people enjoy. Nicotine has a mild depressant effect that places a smoker into a state of relaxation as it slows down the body. This only makes the habit more fulfilling. People have been smoking pipes for hundreds of years, and the act of smoking itself has gained a great deal of cultural and historical value.


Many people are unaware that cigarette tobacco is different from pipe tobacco. Cigarettes are created with paper and a filter made of cotton and fiberglass. This design results in a higher level of foreign chemicals in the tobacco. Cigarette tobacco is also cut and cured by a different method than pipe tobacco.

Smoking is a sacred part of many Native American tribes. Ancient drawings have been discovered that show people smoking pipes. Native Americans use the pipe for enlightenment, and they pass it from person to person in a group to show respect. Shamans smoke pipes in ceremonies to bring on hallucinations or visions.

Smoking may not seem beautiful, but some pipes are made to be works of art. Some are skillfully crafted from expensive Meerschaum, while others are made from abundant sources like corncobs. Corncob pipes are cheap to make, and they add an earthy taste to the tobacco. Meerschaum pipes are valued for their golden brown color, and can cost a substantial amount of money.

Pipes can be objects of beauty and cultural symbols. When done in moderation, smoking a pipe can be an enjoyable habit.