Some Points About Old Car Insurance

Owning a car today is an additional expense most people have to plan for. In addition to the cost of purchasing the vehicle insurance itself, there is the cost of fuel to run it with. Another added cost is the insurance people need to get in order to drive in most states. This is on top of the cost for licensing the vehicle with the state’s registration office.

There are several factors involved when an insurance company determines the fee you will need to pay. The Old Car Insurance rates are often higher than those issued for newer vehicles. This is in large part due to the lack of safety features. While older cars are more appealing when comparing the purchase price against that of a new one, the difference in your monthly payment for insurance could make up the difference.


A standard older vehicle will be one that ranges between five and fifteen years of age. Vehicles more than twenty-five years old will fall into a different category. These cars will be classified as classic or collectible automobiles.

There is also a different category for very old cars, which is the antique or vintage classification. In these instances the owner has something of great value they want to protect. A basic automobile that is old, does not usually require full coverage because the body and parts are not generally in the best working condition.

When shopping for a previously owned vehicle it is a good idea to find ones that have safety features. Not only will this lower your insurance payments, it will be a safer vehicle for you to drive.