Independent contractors are becoming a larger and larger part of the workforce, and by all indicators, this trend will continue well into the next decade. The benefits of being an independent contractor staffing agency during this uptick should be obvious, but your insurance needs are going to be unique, and competing in this emerging market will mean being able to take care of your contractors. That means being ACA compliant. As points out, the ACA provides for the healthcare needs of independent contractors, and it also stipulates how many employees a small business must have before providing health coverage becomes mandatory. You need an insurer who understands the role you play supplying contractors to companies that need to remain below that critical threshold.

Expertise Saves You Money

Why work with an insurer who specializes in staffing agencies like yours, and not a larger business insurer whose broad client base offers an argument about their stability? Well, to make it simple, those insurers are attempting to understand a broad range of needs, so their products tend to be as generalized as their appeal for your business. When you work with insurers who understand contractor staffing companies specifically, you get tailored coverage that takes care of your specific needs, helping you avoid under or over-insuring your business.