Surprise, Even A Counselor Needs Malpractice Insurance

Although most people wanting to be a counselor do not think about counselor malpractice insurance, it is a veritable necessity in our extremely litigious American culture.

When a medical professional has been proved to have been negligent it is called malpractice.  By breaking the term into its linguistic components it simply means “bad practice” as compared to the good practice of medicine. A counselor could be accused of malpractice if he or she did not refer a patient who merited a referral to a doctor or a psychiatrist or if he or she engaged in inappropriate conduct Counselor Malpractice Insurance.


As with any consumer product, it is important to look at several options when searching for counselor malpractice insurance. The price will be effected by length of time since the counselor finished school, geographic region or practice, amount of experience in their field as well as prior fields, and other factors. This insurance is not needed if the counselor is employed by the government.

The most inexpensive and common type of counselor malpractice insurance is called “claims made”.  These kind of policies cover lawsuits that arise while the policy is in effect. That means that if the counselor changes careers or retires and cancels the policy and then gets sued, it will not be covered.

More exhaustive policies can also be found for greater protection such as “prior acts” or “tail coverage”. The only way to navigate all the variables in counselor malpractice insurance is to research and talk to professionals to ascertain what you need.