Appraise E & O Insurance

No one will pretend that buying real estate is not a complicated process. The buyer must consider a number of prices of data need to be taken into consideration. The appraiser may not value the property accurately, may not have E & O insurance, not have the right information, or may not adjust the value […]

Appraiser Errors And Omissions Insurance

Independent appraisers recognize the need for liability insurance coverage for their businesses. However, they may fail to realize that there are specific exposures which may not be covered by the businessowners, commercial general liability, or professional liability policies. Errors and omissions coverage is often excluded from the broader policies such as the businessowners or commercial […]

Appraiser E & O Insurance

Home appraisal used to take a day or two due to paperwork involved. Today, modern devices streamline this procedure with use of computer software applications and digital cameras. Appraiser E & O insurance and continuing education cover persons while measuring devices speed up the data collection method enabling estate appraisers to accomplish much in less […]