The Liability Insurance For Counselors

No matter what type of counselor you are, it is a requirement to have individual liability insurance for counselors. Although they may need it, around 50 percent of counselors choose not to carry this insurance for whatever reason.Just like other professions, counselors face getting claims, which could be financially destructive. All it takes is one […]

Information About Counselor Insurance

If you are a counselor, you usually give advice.  This is an unusual situation to be in.  You are being paid to hear people’s insurance dilemma and grievance, which many others do without compensation.  The reason why you are being paid is because you are doing a job.  The advice that you are offering is […]

Many Liability Insurance For Counselors

Many individuals are now finding out about the rewards of becoming a counselor.  Liability insurance, type of counseling, education, and location are several things that should always be considered when entering this exciting field.  This may seem like a tall order, but these factors should never be ignored by Liability Insurance for Counselors.

Get Counselor Malpractice Insurance For Protection

Any professional in the field of mental health is at risk of facing a lawsuit from a client or even from another counselor. It does not matter how conscientious or knowledgeable the mental health counselor may be because there are many people who are quite willing to file legal claims even when there is no […]

Counselors Protect Yourself

Most individuals, who choose to go into therapy or counseling careers, choose to do so because they want to help people and believe that most people are inherently good. Unfortunately, there are times that you may provide the best help that you can for a person and still they make the decision to file a […]

The Benefits Of Liability Insurance For Professional Counsellors

Becoming a therapist or counselor requires years of training. For mental health care professionals, such as social workers, counselors or psychotherapists, carrying liability insurance is a fact of life. This type of insurance is called either Liability Insurance for Professionals or it is called Malpractice Insurance. This kind of insurance protects you against damages incurred […]