Better Safe Than Sorry

The road to becoming a counselor is an arduous one marked by years of study that could include undergraduate work as well as masters and doctoral work.  Although a counselor may be excited to be helping people once they finishing their education, they must also prepare themselves for the litigious nature of contemporary American culture.  […]

Mental Health Professional Liability Insurance

Mental health workers such as substance and drug abuse counselors, and psychologists, typically carry professional liability insurance. This is a type of policy that covers claims that are not physical in nature. Standard insurance will usually cover damage to a third party’s person or property, but malpractice policies will cover the medical professional in the […]

The Importance Of Psychologist Malpractice Insurance.

A psychologist malpractice insurance is an important instrument that protects a professional practicing psychologist from any claims made against them. The cover can be taken in two ways, as a group or individually. This policy should have liability limits to protect the policyholder’s business and personal assets. A Psychologist Malpractice Insurance should also cover court […]

Psychologist Liability Insurance Helps Professionals In An Uncertain World

A highly useful field with many variables is counseling or psychology. Any person in the profession should protect themselves with psychologist liability insurance. Even the most conscientious and caring professional can come up against a malpractice lawsuit brought by a disgruntled patient.  It is part of being a professional in today’s world to take preventative […]

The Benefits Of Liability Insurance For Professional Counsellors

Becoming a therapist or counselor requires years of training. For mental health care professionals, such as social workers, counselors or psychotherapists, carrying liability insurance is a fact of life. This type of insurance is called either Liability Insurance for Professionals or it is called Malpractice Insurance. This kind of insurance protects you against damages incurred […]

Importance Of Counselor Insurance

It takes time and hard work to become a counselor, and obtaining counselor insurance is a crucial step in the process.  A career in counseling takes years of education, usually a challenging master’s degree followed by an even tougher doctorate program, but the time spent in dedication pays off with a promising future in the […]