Understanding Maritime Employer Coverage

While employee insurance coverage is optional under admiralty law, businesses that operate on the water full or part-time still benefit from employer insurance that protects their workers. Employees injured on the job at sea still represent a financial risk because of liabilities employers take on when making assignments, and maritime employer coverage provides for the […]

3 Things Cannabis Growers Must Consider When Purchasing General Liability Insurance

Business insurance is a useful tool for ensuring financial security and, in many places, companies must maintain liability insurance to cover claims and damages. Cannabis growers are not exempt from this rule. In fact, they may have more reasons than others to ensure proper coverage. Researching cannabis crop insurance shows that these three things are […]

What Is Stop Gap Coverage?

No matter what kind of business you run, you need a policy that covers expenses associated with injuries and illnesses that employees get on the job. For many employers, workers compensation coverage or employer liability policies handle these costs. If you own a staffing agency, have higher risks, or are in a state where workers […]