Why E & O Insurance Is Needed

The letters e & o stand for errors and omissions insurance. There are also other names for this type of insurance but it always has the same meaning. Basically errors and omissions insurance is a form of malpractice protection for professional people. Any professional can be sued for negligence by a client or even by […]

2 Things You Didn’t Know About E & O Insurance

Insurance must be an integral part of any business, and in the life of contractors and professionals. Mistakes and damages are a real risk, and when it does occur, the dilemma always starts with the question, “who is going to pay?” E & O, or Errors and Omissions Insurance, provides the necessary coverage from monetary […]

E & O Insurance

When you build a company from the ground up, it’s understandable that you feel protective of it like a parent would to a child. To pour in that much creative energy into an endeavor only to have it taken away would be unacceptable. Fortunately, you can take proactive steps to ensure this does not happen. […]

E&O And Other Types Of Insurance Every Business Should Have

E&O along with other kinds of insurance is a frequent area in question for many business owners. Since no two companies operate exactly the same even within the same industry, some confusion is understandable in terms of which types of insurance are definitely necessary. Regardless of a business’s size and number of employees, a prudent […]

The Importance Of E & O Insurance

Insurance is most commonly referred to as E & O Insurances. This is one of the most types of insurance that most private practices and businesses use to protect against law suits. The insurance coverage provides liability protection against errors or mistakes that may cause harm to a client or customer.

Protect Your Business With E & O Insurance

Even though, businesses are closely almost every day the near to stay competitive is a must. There are some things that business owners can do to help their business stay open. Why most businesses are closing is partly due to an unstable economy. That is why having E & O coverage is so important. This […]

Insurance Company Pays For Claims If E & O Insurance Is In Place

Any business that handles other people’s money is going to need e & o insurance coverage. It keeps the business safe and secure. Occasionally because of a mistake by the company or its employee the client may suffer financial losses. In that case the client is going to demand compensation. In such a situation the […]