The Difference between EO and DO Insurance

All businesses require insurance coverage to protect against lawsuits. Lawsuits can occur if someone suffers an injury on your property or if your services financially harm a client. A lawsuit can completely devastate your business, hence why you need to consider your policies carefully. Two of these policies include an Errors and Omissions policy or […]

Protecting Yourself From Business Errors

Business world mistakes are often literally costly. Whatever losses you sustain from such errors are often times felt by the clients as well. At times like these, the clients are entitled to compensation for their losses or they may demand compensation in return for continued investment in your company. E&O

About E & O Insurance

Typically when you create an error in the world of business then most likely you will suffer the consequence. If in case you are involved with the consequence of someone to lose money which affected another client, then you are likely to pay them back. If in case you can not pay them back then […]